Emulation problem with Embedded Visual Tool

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Emulation problem with Embedded Visual Tool

Leandro Dardini
I find impossibile to install the "Embedded Visual Tool" from Microsoft
using latest QEMU (tested 0.7 and latest snapshot) and Windows 2000.

Using QEMU+KQEMU bring an error during the first part of install, see
image attached. It is in italian and following there is the translation:
"Sottosistema Windows a 16 bit" -> "16 bit Windows Subsystem"
"La CPU NTVDM ha riscontrato una exception non gestita" -> "CPU NTVDM
encounters  an unsupported exception"
"Scegliere chiudi per terminare l'applicazione" -> "Choose Close to
terminate the application".

Dropping the KQEMU kernel module and performing again the installation
with pure software emulation, emulation is better and only when
installing SDK there is a problem during "Updating Registry", when the
installation rollbacks.

Trying to install the same Win2000 and the same "Embedded Visual Tool"
on a real hardware, give no problem and installation went smooth.

"Embedded Visual Tool" is available for free from Microsoft at the
followin url:


I hope someone can investigate this issue.


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